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 Ioanna Moudanioti is a professional pianist who is giving lessons to students of all different levels.

She is holding a Master’s degree from LUCA school of arts, has received several rewards, and is currently a performing artist. She has started to actively teach piano, being committed to welcome students to the wonderful world of music (Check-out Ioanna's recordings (audio and video): In her style of teaching, the student is invited to form a team with her such that challenges can be approached together. This way, the study progress allows for an individual pace while ensuring understanding due to frequent and implicit feedback. Having fun and learning exemplary pieces are considered as necessary as training technical fundamentals and musical understanding. The entire program is individually composed to meet each student’s interests and needs, so that any level and kind of student is ensured to find a fit.  
 Lessons have a typical duration of 1:00h which is adjusted as needed. They are given in English or Greek, and take place either at Ioanna’s home in Leuven or at the student’s place. Ioanna's is thrilled to meet any future pianist(s), adults and children are equally very welcome! No musical background or experience with the piano is required, but will be taken into account if present. Please be welcome to get in touch with Ioanna directly to discuss your individual interest and learning goals, and don't miss the welcome offer for starters. Ioanna is available via e-mail, call or text or+32 487 32 57 61 . 
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